Pizza al Forno COVID-19 Policy Letter

To our guests and community,

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is top-of-mind right now, and we wanted to share an update about how we’re taking action in our restaurant to limit the spread of the virus.

Our team members are taking extra precautions to provide a safe environment in our restaurant. The health and safety of our guests and restaurant staff is our key priority, especially now.

The cleaning and sanitizing products and procedures already used in our restaurant are effective in combating the spread of viruses. Our restaurant is also taking additional preventive measures to protect our guests and staff and limit the potential spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. As part of this, we are conducting extra cleaning and sanitizing of high contact surfaces.

Our restaurant has also taken steps to ensure that staff members who are feeling ill or at-risk do not have to come in to work.

This is a disruptive time and our goal is to continue to serve our guests. We will continue to serve our guests through take-out and our free delivery service.

As part of the prevention measures taken to prioritize the safety and security of our customers, employees, crew (store part-timers) and their families amid the spread of COVID-19, we are starting a new delivery service option where the driver (in charge of delivering our product) will avoid direct contact with the customers when handing over our pizza and other products upon delivery.

This service is optional (it applies only if the customer wishes to have this option). It is applicable to orders placed through the Pizza Al Forno’s official website and can be used by entering “I do not want hand-delivery” in the “special instructions” field in our online order form. Also, in order to ensure a smooth delivery of our products, we recommend that you select an online payment option when ordering.

Customers who request this service when placing their order will receive their product(s) according to the following procedure. Please note that the delivery driver will disinfect his/her hands and fingers before and after the delivery is completed, to mitigate risks of infection.

(1) Once the driver reaches the delivery destination, the driver will set down an empty pizza box in a designated location such as in front of your door. This is to prevent placing products directly on the ground.

(2) The products ordered will be placed on top of the empty box.

(3) The driver will inform you that the delivery has arrived by ringing at your doorbell or intercom. The driver will then step away at least 2 meters from your front door or designated location, and confirm that you received your product(s).

(4) After confirming that the customer has received their product(s), the driver will retrieve the empty box.

We are monitoring developments closely and are following the guidance of public health authorities. As conditions change, we may make further temporary modifications at our restaurant to help slow the spread of COVID-19. For more information on COVID-19 coronavirus, we suggest you visit for updates.

– Pizza Al Forno Inc